Training the Next Generation of
Christian Leaders to God’s Glory


WCA students enjoy a wealth of art instruction and creative opportunity of expression during their preschool, elementary, and middle school experience. They are guided in the incremental application of newly learned skills and knowledge as they explore their

creative abilities to the glory of God.


Students learn the classical works of the masters and what makes their timeless masterpieces truly great; they learn to identify artistic and stylistic influences from different world civilizations and cultures. They engage learning using a variety of materials and media such as crayons, chalk, charcoal, and paint. Using these various venues they create 2D and 3D visual art. Elements of design and principles of design explore color, texture, shape, form, space, pattern and symmetry. Visual arts instruction is provided from

preschool through eighth grade culminating into truly exceptional student drawing, painting, and art portfolio work.


The WCA Art Day in which elementary students will have multiple opportunities experimenting with various art mediums at venues and art stations during the school day as well as instruction and coaching by local professional artists.  Due to Weston Christian Academy’s visual arts success, students garnered over 20 ribbons of excellence for student art at a district fine arts festival this past year. WCA students have been honored the Weston Art Guild Student Showcase with multiple first places and awarded “Best in Show” at the Association of Christian Schools International Art Festival.  Student portfolios have been exhibited at the Broward County Art Fair, the Art Serve of Fort Lauderdale, and the Fort Lauderdale Boat Parade Art Show.