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Technology is an exciting, integrative learning experience for each child at Weston Christian. Our computer technologies enhance the learning experience, increase personal prod uctivity, improve logical thinking skills, encourage collaborative skills, develop research skills, organize thoughts, sharpen problem-solving skills, promote personal accountability and assist in the production of high quality, aesthetically pleasing portfolios and presentations. WCA is committed to using technology in developing academically strong God- honoring students.




As a portion of our integrative technology in the classroom, Weston Christia n has created a digital opportunity for each middle school student to be assigned a Chromebook with wireless capability. Students have the ability to engage in interactive curricul um, perform virtual lab experiments, and go paperless for many assignments. They can create an essay, design a project or take an assessment, and send the results directly to the teacher, who, in turn, can make recom mendations or grade the assignment, and send it back to the students. Several of our textbooks are available on the Chromebooks as interactive curriculum which enhances student learning opportunities. Cloud-based technology means the student may access curriculu m and assignments at home or elsewhere from any device - from smartph  nes to tablets to home computers.





WCA elementary and preschool students have access to the award-winning Learn Pad android tablet as an interactive, wireless yet safe learning component. Each student has a Learn Pad to use as the teacher directs learning opportunities with interactive lessons, videos, and assessments. The tablet has a "lock in" feature to keep the student on task and safe from web surfing. The teacher may see from her control device what each student is viewing on the LearnPad and send encouraging or corrective individ ual messages as the student progresses through the assigned lesson. Virtual labs and digital lessons advance the learning experience for each child. Realizing that "one size does not fit all," the teacher may select and assign resources suitable to the student's level of understandi ng which boosts learning for the average student while keeping the advanced student appropriately challenged.


The preschool has one set of LearnPads that is shared. Grades KS through 3rd each has a set of shared Learn Pads per grade level while each student in grades 4th and 5th has his or her own individual Learn Pad. A set of Learn Pads is also available in the school library.




Weston Christian has placed an LCD projector, digital presenter, interactive white board with student responders and DVD player in each classroom. The teachers are trained in the use of each of these devices and use them in lesson formation. These technologies complement the interactive possibilities with student Chromebooks and LearnPads . WCA desires to keep abreast on the best means to communicate knowledge and information to each student while developi ng age-appropriate critical thinking skill opportunities and analysis.





In addition to classroom technologies, Weston Christian has a dedicated state of the art touch­ screen computer laboratory where K3 through 5th grade students receive weekly guided instruction covering computer basic applications,  word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, slide show presentations, research, Internet use, and computer ethics. The upper elementary and middle school have concentrated practice on proper keyboarding to build student "words per minute" typing in preparation for future high school essay and research writing.




A high school course is provided for all middle school 6th and 7th graders. Sixth grade takes a one semester Computer Applications course which develops in-depth skills in Microsoft Windows and Office  Suite. The course continues building keyboarding skills  and covers hardware, software, operations, and troubleshooting. This course earns a high school half credit and fulfils most high school entry level technology requirements. Seventh graders enroll in our Web Design class, a one semester course that teaches how to build a web page using Adobe Creative Suite, HTML and Google applications. Keyboarding skill-building continues. This course is accepted as a half credit technology elective at most high schools.




Middle school students have the elective option of a Multimedia Technology course offering guided practical application and formal instruction . A popular class, students learn the technical coordination of school chapels, assemblies, and special events. They gain amazing hands-on experience in managing sound speakers, microphones, mixing board, cabling, wiring, spotlighting, stage lighting, camera operations, technical troubleshooting and production preparations. In the formal instructional time, students learn MediaShout and Microsoft Office PowerPoint softwares. They are able to create dynamic and powerful visual presentations for chapels and events. Students also learn both digital photogra phy and videography techniques and editing.