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The Weston Christian Academy’s performing arts has a holistic approach with skilled incremental instruction from preschool to middle school years. K4 and K5 classes learn simple songs, hymns of praise, rhythmic movement, and playing rhythmic instruments. First through third grade master rudimentary pitch, rhythm, meter, major scales, minor scales, key signatures and intervals. Third graders learn to play the recorder as they prepare for the next level of instruction. At the 4 th grade level, formal instruction with a musical instrument is required and continues through the 5th grade. All 4 th and 5 th grade students participate in either concert band or orchestra. Continuing in band or orchestra is highly encouraged for the 6 th grade and beyond, but middle school students do have the option of participating in vocal music, multimedia fine arts support, visual arts, or dramatic





Our vocal music instruction begins in preschool with the introduction of musical expression and rhythm followed by elementary grades elementary instruction in fundamentals of music and formal instruction in band or orchestra. The Middle School Chorus continues with developing student vocal techniques such range, intonation, blending/harmony, and sight-reading. The chorus prepares for performance opportunities in the community and has both Christmas and spring performances. Included in vocal music is the option for middle school students to audition for school Praise Band. This praise and worship team leads musical worship for school chapels, assemblies, and school programs.