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Christian Leaders to God’s Glory


Middle School students have the opportunity to select from various physical education electives. The purpose of these electives is for students to develop knowledge and skills in selected sports and recreational activities to maintain and improve general health and fitness. Students learn safety rules, terminology, skill building, officiating, and sportsmanship. Selected health related topics are also introduced focusing on the concept of lifetime wellness. Through these electives, students learn to glorify God by developing health and fitness knowledge and skills that can be utilized throughout their lifetimes.

In addition to electives, middle school students may tryout and participate in the following co-curricular team sports:

    Boys Flag Football and Girls Volleyball- 1st Quarter
    Boys Soccer and Girls Basketball- 2nd Quarter
    Boys Basketball, Girls Soccer and Girls Cheerleading- 3rd Quarter
    Boys and Girls Tennis, Boys Baseball and Girls Softball- 4th Quarter