Training the Next Generation of
Christian Leaders to God’s Glory


Student learning and spiritual growth are at the heart of everything we do at Weston Christian Academy. Computer technologies are viewed as tools to improve the student’s learning experience. Technology is integrated into the academic subjects to increase productivity, improve logical thinking skills, develop collaboration skills, improve research skills, organize thoughts, improve problem-solving skills and produce high quality aesthetically pleasing products. WCA is committed to using technology in developing academically strong God honoring students.

Weston Christian Academy’s desire is for students to become technologically literate life-long learners. Students will be able to interact successfully in a technological environment in order to become the information literate learners. They will skillfully use technology to access, retrieve, and use information in the field of their calling.

To help us accomplish these goals, Weston Christian has placed an LCD projector, digital presenter, interactive white board, and DVD player in each classroom. The teachers are trained in the use of each of these devices and use them in their daily lessons to enhance learning. Students and teachers have access to classroom computers, a computer lab, responders, and a state of the art mobile laptop computer lab.

WCA offers many computer classes to help develop the skills necessary to be safe, productive technology literate students. Students from grade K3-5th grade have computer class every week. They are taught many aspects of technology including: computer basics, keyboarding, word processing, drawing and graphics, slide show presentations, spreadsheets, research and reference, and the Internet. Sixth Grade students take Computer Applications, a class that develops in-depth skills in Microsoft Office and keyboarding skills.  Seventh grade students take a class in web design. They are taught how to plan, create and debug a web site. Students that take both 6th and 7th grade computer classes fulfill a credit requirement needed to graduate high school.

Middle school students have an opportunity to serve on the school’s Tech Team for up to four semesters during their Middle school elective class. This class continues to help the students improve their keyboarding skills, produce a Clay Animation project and learn how to use digital photography. It also gives the students a rare opportunity to learn how to plan and run the technical aspects involved in producing WCA’s weekly chapel. This involves learning how to run the sound system, lighting, producing the PowerPoint presentations, and producing  a program.