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Students who have mild learning disabilities or test below grade level may be admitted to WCA on the condition that they participate in the STAR program.

Weston Christian Academy’s Student Support Services meets a wide variety of student needs by partnering with parents and teachers to inspire student achievement and help students fulfill their God-given purpose.

Highly Differentiated Curriculum adheres to best practices and provides each student with effective, individualized, standards-based reading, writing and math instruction. Each program engages the student as well as produces measurable results. An interactive, exciting learning program helps each student grow. Research based Intervention is designed to build confidence and enhance learning. These solutions facilitate individualization, track performance, provide opportunities for practice, and offer a fresh approach to presenting concepts and skills.

Assessments and Progress Monitoring are integrated with instruction. Assessments and IEPs, identify a student’s key areas for improvement and success, as well as allow our staff to act immediately, in order to assure ongoing success. Knowledge is assessed at the beginning of the program. Test-taking strategies and content are taught, and further assessed after instruction.  Progress reports are generated based on assessed performance, as well as customized prescriptive assignments and post tests.

Confidence and Relationship Building is an essential component to our program. Our staff understands that by developing relationships with students and helping students to build relationships with one another, they create a safe learning environment where students feel comfortable when errors are made. A high emphasis is also placed on helping students to understand that while learning may not be easy at times; if they work hard God will bless them.


Decoding and Encoding Programs are Orton-Gillingham and Lindamood-Bell influenced and researched based. They specialize in teaching phonological awareness and intensive phonics explicitly and systematically. Students receive high quality instruction and make amazing progress in reading, spelling, and writing.

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Programs help students become active, effective readers through comprehension regulation. This is a method for consciously controlling the reading process. Comprehension regulation involves the use of preplanned strategies, along with building vocabulary to understand text.
Study Skills Program equips students with the keys for effective study skills that are critical for academic success. Students learn test-taking and study techniques that can result in higher test scores and develop critical thinking skills that will be used not only in school but throughout life.

Math Programs offers a comprehensive intervention that identifies and targets math prerequisites, concepts, and skills that are typically taught in the classroom but have not yet been mastered. Lessons and practices are tailor-made to the individual’s specific learning needs with easy to follow, step-by- step instruction.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is an appropriate assistance program for students who come from a background where the dominant language is other than American English. Students will develop proficiency in speaking and understanding English when communicating for interpersonal and academic purposes.

Writing Program focuses on making the writing process simple and easy to remember. At each grade level, students master skills of increasing lengths and complexity. Strategies and activities are provided to help students become proficient in writing.

Handwriting Program improves student handwriting by helping children learn to write letters fluently and accurately. Because students spend much of their day producing written work, legible handwriting is essential to student achievement.