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International students richly contribute to our student body and school community as they share their cultures and experiences.  The Academy offers English language instruction and support through the STAR program for these students.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is an appropriate assistance program for students who come from a background where the dominant language is other than American English. Students will develop proficiency in speaking and understanding English when communicating for interpersonal and academic purposes.

Decoding and Encoding Programs are Orton-Gillingham and Lindamood-Bell influenced and researched based. They specialize in teaching phonological awareness and intensive phonics explicitly and systematically. Students receive high quality instruction and make amazing progress in reading, spelling, and writing.

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Programs help students become active, effective readers through comprehension regulation. This is a method for consciously controlling the reading process. Comprehension regulation involves the use of preplanned strategies, along with building vocabulary to understand text.

Study Skills Program equips students with the keys for effective study skills that are critical for academic success. Students learn test-taking and study techniques that can result in higher test scores and develop critical thinking skills that will be used not only in school but throughout life.

Writing Program focuses on developing writing fluency through instruction in grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Strategies and activities are provided to help students become proficient in writing.